Electrohypersensitive, environmental sentinels

According to the estimations in Europe made a few years ago, at least one person out of ten suffers from artificial electromagnetic radiations (AER) and is considered, rightly or wrongly, as electro-hypersensitive (EHS). This impressive figure must be however put into perspective because the degree of handicap varies a great deal from one individual to … Continue reading Electrohypersensitive, environmental sentinels


How many electrohypersensitive people are there?

First published in French in 2017 on October the 6th And how many people are intolerant to electromagnetic fields? It is a two-fold question, and an important one for the problem to be taken seriously to prevent risks, lower the pathological effects and hope that one day "white zones" will be available for people who … Continue reading How many electrohypersensitive people are there?

Panic at the hospital

Monday 13th June 2016, 10 a.m. A feeling of discomfort similar to the onset of a heart attack forces me to lie down in the garden. I feel tightness in the chest, asthma, paralysis of my left arm and the impression of a knife being thrust into my chest. I count two missed heartbeats, then … Continue reading Panic at the hospital



Monday 4th April 2016. Faced with a serious crisis of intolerance to artificiale electromagnetic radiation, (AER), I finally decided to consult my family doctor to ask for a prescription for antihistamines. Although I have been EHS for ten years, I have simply tried to avoid electromagnetic pollutions and attempted to live a normal life. Antihistamines … Continue reading Crisis!


Disconnect : the way

Disconnect = International petition to the WHO! For more information and control over the emissions of electromagnetic fields. As well as the potential risk of cancer from over exposure to the invisible microwaves (as recognized by the World Health Organisation), more than 10% of the population are also believed to suffer a syndrome known as … Continue reading Disconnect : the way


Sentinelle, tends l’oreille !

Dans la nuit citoyenne Veille l'Ancienne, Toujours attentive et vigilante, Tandis qu'affolées par le vent Tournent entêtées les girouettes Ondines blondes pestes brunes Cannibales carmins, blancs destriers, Sonne la cloche du laitier au matin Tandis qu'à la tanière se retournent les fous, Dort le roi au juste sommeil La Terre ne ment pas Il est … Continue reading Sentinelle, tends l’oreille !